Annihilation ★★★★½

Wow, just wow. Masterful execution by Alex Garland to create something bold and brilliant take on the relationship b/w the human and the nature in a peculiar way. The non linear storytelling is just a brilliant way to show the consequences in the film. Not an easy watch for sure but I'm glad this film exist. Also this film did 100x better commentary on climate change then the Don't look up. Natalie Portman is sensational and it's bizarre she wasn't even nominated in the Oscar for such a brilliant and harrowing performance. Also Jennifer Jason Leigh is brilliant too. The only complain of mine is the cinematography is quite okayish i can't explain but it felt weak in terms of such rich storytelling. But overall I'm in love with Garland style of filmmaking. He's brilliant and he's definitely in the league of Peele, Aster, Eggers, Safdies for me now. Beautiful film.

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