Black Widow

Black Widow ★½

I still remember when Wonder woman was cashing in millions in 2017 I used to say to my friends Marvel missed the chance to make first stand alone superhero female led film and I'm afraid in 2021 black widow is too late and honestly speaking too bad... This film is pure bad.. Prime example of how not to direct and write the film.. I feel bad for editor who had to edit out this film.. I wanna personally deliver Raspberry award to David harbour what the hell was he doing... And same with everyone... Scarlett was mediocre at best but yes even Florence Pugh was badly casted in this film.. I know Hollywood loves to shit over Russia and their accent.. But this is too much, everybody was changing their accent with each sentence.. I wanna talk to casting director what they were thinking while casting this film... Why they couldn't do the casting like what Marvel did with Black Panther and GOTG.. Coming onto action set pieces it felt unnecessary long and "oh see how much money we are spending into this shit" And I don't even want to start on that helicopter prison break sequence and that horrible end with no care for Visual effects there... Ray Winstone as Dreykov is one of the weakest antagonist on screen I've ever seen... He is wincingly bad to watch in this.. . All in all It's slow, silly, and dull, mostly boring, and needs a better script and director . Even the special FX took a dive for a Marvel film. Wasn't expecting to much from this film but man it was still below par then whatever expectations I had.. Scarlett Johansson you deserves a better Send-off. 😞

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