Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★½

Best of 2021

I get what Adam Mckay was trying to do with this project by mocking and parody kinda take on American media and govt but the film is badly written and executed in terms of direction, there's not a single moment where it looked like director was trying to do commentary in exciting way. This film is trying to be funny and in your face for straight 150 mins, no way this film needed to be this long, a tight script within this story for hundred mins would have been better for sure. The actors did what they could with the project and Leonardo DiCaprio was stand out, nobody can be better then him in panic mode. Im sure Adam Mckay must be trying to address the audience about how chill the govt are about serious concerns in a fun way but it would have been better if he focused on the right script and dialogues too, god the dialogues and jokes were flat. This cast deserves better, still can't believe it took me 2 day to complete this film. This film deserves no Oscar buzz tbh. Mckay needs to update his writing on how to write satire. Also this film did so bad to Mark Rylance and Meryl streep. You can't cast actors of this stature and make them silly in your project Mr Mckay. Don't look up for this film guys.

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