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This review may contain spoilers.

Just rewatched the film of one of the most creative, exciting and artistic filmmaker of current time who takes the sociopolitical and conceptual topics and blends into the thrilling horror in his own way. The thing that Peele came up with this idea because of covid times and the "bad miracle" And tragedies the world experience concurrently and turns it into the pretence of spectacle and showing the exploitation and oppression by humans in such entertaining way is just brilliant. Rewatching the film and getting the deep context around the concept of child actors and how their life can turned out if you don't look our for them too was nicely explored. The cinematography, the performances (specially by Keke) and that one sequence with blood was some of the best aspects of the film. Long live Jordan Peele and his brilliant mind and the way he comes up with unique concepts and still not compromising with the social commentary is something I have and will always adore. Please guys do me a favor and watch this film in IMAX only just for the nights visions and the way Peele captured the horse moments and all the sky shots. Top tier cinema. ❤

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