Sorcerer ★★★★½

Sorcerer (1977) - USA
Dir: William Friedkin


මගේ මනාපෙ Clouzot ට😌

Adapted from the same novel, so it's inevitable that Sorcerer will be labeled as a remake of Wages of Fear. (Friedkin rejects anyway) Although I love Clouzot's Wages of Fear more, I gotta admit that Friedkin's follow up is also an unforgettable piece of work, or maybe even braver and dangerous effort than the first one.

Both films have developed the opening phase different from each other, which allowed the directors to craft the characters throughout the film in their own way. Both are prime examples of photographing films on location.

IMDb Rating - 7.7
Rotten Tomatoes - 79%
Letterboxd - 4.1/5