Logan Lucky ★★★★

Logan Lucky "return" to the big screen is a fun action heist movie that proves that Soderbergh hasn't really missed a beat in the last few years. The performances are great and the story is good. But if I'm being honest, even if I thoroughly enjoyed the film, it probably falls on the lower end of Soderbergh's filmography. Mostly by virtue of the fact that I love most of his movies (Soderbergh's easily in my top 5 favourite directors), but Logan Lucky isn't without its issues.

The plot feels somewhat derivative of stuff we've seen before, even from Soderbergh himself. You sort of wonder why this is the project that drew him back to the big screen when it's so much like any of the half-dozen heist movies he's done before. Maybe it was the cast (I don't think he'd ever worked with many of them before, outside of Riley Keough and Channing Tatum), or the challenge of creating a blockbuster-level film on a smaller budget (a challenge which mostly didn't produce the intended results, unfortunately). Or maybe he just likes making these kinds of movies, and that's fine by me. It's also a little overstuffed. The movie clocks in at just over two hours, and it could have easily been a solid 90 to 105 minutes instead.

But those are minor complains, because I do want more of these kinds of movies and Soderbergh is doing more interesting things than anyone else on my top 5 directors list. Movies like Logan Lucky should be encouraged and supported, and I'm sort of mad at myself for not seeing this earlier. I definitely think everyone should check it out.