Ocean's Eight ★★★★

Ocean's 8 feels like it's missing something from the formula that made Ocean's 11 click back in the day, but it more than makes up for it by playing up to its strengths. It's certainly not as well-directed as the Soderbergh installments, the plot is kind of generic and lacking tension, but it's really good at working around those weaknesses. It has a stellar cast (as you've probably already heard, Anne Hathaway's role here is a revelation and she might even deserve an Oscar nomination for it, but it's not just her, everyone from Sandra Bullock to Sarah Paulson and even the ones you wouldn't expect to turn in great performances like Awkwafina and Rihanna turn in solid performances), it's paced greatly, and it's a wildly satisfying, fun movie that feels like it fits with the previous trilogy while still doing its own thing.