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  • Tiny Detectives

    Tiny Detectives


    These Funny or Die bits are dumb. Really, really stupid. I only watch for Kate.

  • Why Can’t We Get Along

    Why Can’t We Get Along


    Fancy camera work for the sake of fancy camera work? Yeah, probably. The dancing was there just to have something going on. And there was not much else to really show off. The skills were there, so I can't say it was bad. But, it all just felt like a music video.

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  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon

    The Twilight Saga: New Moon

    I feel like these movies just make up some bullshit conflict for nothing else to end the story. Aside from that, the first 30 minutes has Belle struggling with night terrors and not playing well with other kids from school. Later she develops a relationship with a boy only because he beefed up a bit (shallow). But, there is nothing else that really makes sense as to why they are together. Let's face it, Jacob is a complete asshole. So…

  • Twilight



    Yeah, it is not as bad as I remember. I definitely had a lot more fun watching it this time, with years of people making jokes, it was funny to watch. It will get an increase in star rating based solely on this becoming a comedy!

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