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  • Venus in Furs
  • The Quiet Earth
  • Blood Beat
  • Smash Palace

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  • Under Siege 2: Dark Territory


  • I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

  • I Still Know What You Did Last Summer


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  • Beached Az

    Beached Az


    This is the single greatest series ever. Your life will be better having watched this.

  • Hatching



    2022: RANKED
    As Seen in Theaters

    Unsettling and gruesome and unnerving. Without ever being scary it finds away to freak you out from start to finish. Emotional isolation leads to a deep affection and connection with the egg. Looking for an outlet to share anything, the family is as absorbing as a brick wall. The movie expertly portrays this loneliness. It is effective in creating the empathy Tinja feels towards the bird. You know this thing is a monster, but…

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  • Shakma



    As Seen in Theaters

    AGFA Secret Screening at Alamo Drafthouse

    I love going into movies blind, but this was something else. I went to a theater with no idea what I am going to watch. And it was a movie I have never seen or heard of. Perfect. I also took my wife that is not into horror movies like me.

    Fun experience. I really enjoyed seeing a movie with no information at the start. I think it made us…

  • Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

    Under Siege 2: Dark Territory


    This is good! I loved it as a kid, and have not seen it in 15-20 years. I knew it was ridiculous. And Seagul is a fucking joke. And for the most part, I was right.

    First off, movies like that are only as good as the villain. So, we are starting with 5 stars. Eric Bogosian is epic. So funny, quotable, and insane. A lot of his lines I still remember. I am not someone to quote movies, but…

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  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    It might be the greatest Spider-Man movie...
    It might be the greatest Marvel movie...
    It might be the greatest comic book movie...
    It might be the greatest animated movie...
    It might be the greatest 2018 movie...
    It might be...
    But, I know for sure this is one hell of a fun movie!!!

  • Mandy



    15. A film from Letterboxd's highest rated 2010's horror list.

    Nicolas Cage: RANKED

    Take my breathe away why don't you. The music, visuals, acting, costumes, make-up, and story was out of this world. Skirts the line between reality and fantasy with wonderful precision. Cage balances his highs and lows with the skill we all know he has, yet rarely shows off. My biggest complaint is pacing. While I love a slow burn, this could have been 15 to 20 minutes shorter and not hurt the film.