No Time to Die

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James Bond: RANKED

When the movie gets it right, it's amazing. And when it gets it wrong, I hate it. I still can't stand the villain, and how this movie ends. Bond should NEVER die. But, if you have to kill him off, why did you make the villain such a lame duck. I also still think the new 007 comes off as a disrespectful character towards Bond, more so with this viewing. I don't know if it was poor acting, cheap writing, or the director forcing an attitude that is not needed. This is the most disrespectful movie towards the character of Bond. The saving grace is the relationship with Madeleine and the discovery Bond is a father. The scenes with the family are some of my favorite of the series. Another great part of the film is the Cuba scene. Ana de Armes is the perfect teammate to Bond. He keeps him on his toes, and she ensures a professional relationship throughout. There is mutual respect for each other, regardless of their experience. As the action plays out, the newly unretired Bond is able to hold his own against the new 007. And it of course ends with Felix dying. That scene on the boat was perfect and respectful. Yeah, this movie does some scenes better than any other movie. And at times, I think the film misstepped with the worst.

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