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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

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See. just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

For those of you who stuck around.

Start with a concept, forget the story, film it brilliantly. Tenet in a nutshell.

But, there is more. More good, and more bad.

First off, the concept, bending time in a new and unique way. Find ways to show-off, Nolan thought more of the action, the confusion, and what would look pretty without asking if it really made sense. Maybe, more viewings will improve this opinion, but a film should be judge even after a single watch. Using time, playing it backwards to your advantage is a fun way to build action sets and heists. For the most part it works, but it always felt like the plot was built around the action.

The story? I am pretty sure I said forget it.

The Protagonist is the Narrator from Fight Club. He is in charge, everyone knows it, except himself. That is the hardest thing to believe in this whole damn film. It is another case of having an idea, but not the writing to really make it work.

Speaking of things that works; Washington and Pattinson. Their chemistry felt like they knew each other for years! And it makes sense towards the end but it is all them...not the writing. Pattinson was great, charming, hilarious. Washington was great in the action bits. And during the large amounts of exposition dialogue, I couldn't not help but hear his dad. And any distraction is a bad thing. As a whole, though, he was great. Debicki and Branagh were solid throughout. Taylor-Johnson and Patel were low-key badass! More of them, please!!! One thing Nolan does better than no one else; he puts together a hell of a cast.

Alright, the action. Mainly, the action scenes. That opening shot was intense. Maybe, the best Nolan opening, and I believe it. First off, it was vibrant both visually and the sound. The movement of the terrorists and swat teams were at a different level from anything seen in any film. Every movement was deliberate and without delay. They acted, moved and communicated on instinct. The precision of the action was brilliant. Side note about the plot and ending. It felt to me Pattinson was there watching over him, protecting him. When they meet later and how he always knew enough had me thinking he was always involved. Just a feeling, but the end was a nice treat to pull everything back together.

The second action set was one of the most entertaining and funny heists Nolan has come up with. The idea of stealing a plan, dumping gold, holding their breath, and then the fight & chase leaving people absolutely confused was pure joy. Knowing Nolan fakes nothing, I was still in awe when the plan crashes into the building. And at the same time, I was laughing. Kind of a Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park moment, crazy son of a bitch did it, he actually did it. Once inside, the way Washington and Pattinson worked together just adds the idea they have been at this longer than we know. And when the "guy" comes out of the turnstile and we get a one on one fight moving forward and back was great. Not sure what it took to make, but it could not have been easy. Pattinson freaking out had me thinking it was Washington, and we would be coming back to this scene. Anything we see could be a lie, or misunderstood. I was looking forward to coming back. I mention this as my wife did not pick up on this. She got really excited later in the film and it was fun to see.

The next heist taking place on the highway was a bit crazy, and a bit too easy. Only during the chase part, and the inverted interaction with Sator does things go wild. And we get the Protagonist failing. The following interrogation was the most confusing aspect of the film, but it works because the Protagonist is also lost as shit. Seeing the other end was a trip and the ensuing reveal, and inversion chase, was quite interesting, our first look of the inverted timeline. But, still he fails. And Pattinson knows more than we were told. Shocker.

Back to Freeport and everything starts to come together. Washington fights himself, Pattinson working behind the scenes to make everything work, and seeing the Protagonist finally making everything work to his advantage. Why did he fire his gun? Don't focus on the details, I guess.

The last action set, the finale, was a total letdown. It felt like a Call of Duty promo. The bland setting with bland action. It was all just background noise for a few key moments to wrap up the film. For Nolan, this is a failure. Sure, it was shot well, but it was an ugly setting, with no vibrancy, no life like so many other films and scenes. Key points here are great. They confirmed my suspicions of Pattinson. Thinking he was the one from the start of the film made his heroic act have some impact. When The Protagonist realizes this later it does hit more, but it had a joyful, loving sentiment. I really enjoyed their final scene. I really loved the end of this film.

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