Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

First Time Watches - 2021
2021: RANKED

Walking away from the theater and I have to say this was a good action flick. It balances being a revenge and heist film. And I think it hits both really well. Jason Statham is cool as ever. The movie leaves enough mystery to keep me involved throughout. The action had a nice mix of being brutal and pretty smooth. Most of the side characters were great. Stathams henchmen were stylish and interesting. The security guys were all well put together and acted by actors I really like. I did not like the bad guys, though. There was little effort in writing those characters and seemed to focus on lazy cliche stereotypes of the military, which is inaccurate to what people in the military are really like. And the big badie was really annoying. While the way the conduct their business was interesting, and the come off as being a worthy opponent, I just did not like them.

This is a Guy Ritchie film and it does not feel like it at all. I would not have known it was his if the movie did not tell me.

The score is awesome. It is worth mentioning because it really stood out in this film.

This was a really good action film that is flawed, but still entertaining.

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