Paul Oyama

Paul Oyama


Just an island boy speaking for all the mediocrities. Not quite their patron saint though.

Favorite films

  • The Crimson Kimono
  • The New World
  • Hoop Dreams
  • An Autumn Afternoon

Recent activity

  • The Truffle Hunters


  • Hard Eight


  • Branded to Kill


  • There Will Be Blood


Pinned reviews

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    Straight up euphoric.

    The journey to self-discovery as a set of "wrong place, wrong time" encounters. So deeply felt in its display of that fake-it-til-you-make-it aspect of adulthood. Difficult to properly articulate the ways and lengths to which this burrowed into my soul, hitting on insecurities and fears and joys I could never put to words but were there the whole time. Totally nails that thing where you make what is seemingly a tossed off casual decision that happens to…

Recent reviews

  • Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

    Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy


    Strikes such a specific chord about the difficulty of relationships, the kind of slippery feeling you can't fully articulate but is left hanging in the air. Is really in tune with the idea that you can miss someone and yet still know your life is better without them in it. Hamaguchi isn't doing any mind-blowing visual stuff with the camera but so effectively forefronts the writing, which is the unquestionable star with how it unfurls these knotty relationships. The second…

  • Faceless



    Bracing and intimate look at the Hong Kong protests going on recently, with some great added context about the long-running struggle against the CCP's overwhelming need to hold HK under their thumb for decades. Moved and impressed by the bravery of all of these people, who put life and limb on the line for a better future they likely will never see themselves.

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