Low Down

Low Down ★★★½

I set fire to the stars & watched my body float above the earth in movements slow & fast at the same time we collided time, space, & an intersection of realities, nine days asleep in a bathtub big enough for two if you laid on top of me, nine days alone in an overcrowded room, you whispered to me that I was your constant muse, abash & love longing I drifted with you for too long, nine days became infinity & infinity lasted three years, last night alone I saw my daughter, blonde & skinny, as she clutched her mother I wondered if this was how it would be, wine bars on Bowery & late night ramen, I could feel the rise & fall of her lungs a room away, mist tents suffocate me on cool January nights where you hands traced my curved spine, now lost boys with gritty fingernails grip at my thighs, your controlling mouth my lust for freedom, before the needle scratches that record we loved so much I'm pretty sure I heard the singer say "why do you have to go & ruin everything" now I lie in a bed big enough for two clutching my chest & fornicating to david bowies greatest hits, blue eyeliner & tubsocked lovers