Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

Probably one of the most boring zombie movies I've ever seen and probably one of the worst Zack Snyder movies to date.

Zack Snyder is no newcomer to the zombie franchise. His remake of Dawn of the Dead in 2004 is one of my favorite zombie movies. All these years later I found out Snyder was making a zombie movie so I decided to check it out, however, after watching this movie I can confidently say it's one of his worst movies. This is seriously one of the most boring action movies I've ever seen. I kid you not this movie is probably 85% drama/dialogue and 15% action. I don't need balls to the wall action to have a good time with action movies, but in this movie, outside the action, the movie is incredibly boring. The action takes a full 45 minutes (or what seemed like 45 minutes) just to start and quickly dies off, popping back up periodically. Instead of intense zombie killing action we get father/daughter issues, family dynamics, boring side characters, and a story with wasted potential. There are multiple scenes in this movie that just drag on and on and on, almost never-ending. That's been a problem for Snyder for years now, he just doesn't know when to end a scene. When we fully realize the entire point of the conversation, the conversation keeps going. It's just like "we get Snyder, come on with the zombie killing!" Most if not all these scenes are boring and barely bring anything to the table. If you could cut out the fluff this movie would go from two hours and thirty minutes to an hour and a half easily.

What disappoints me the most is that the action in this movie is actually really good and the few snippets of action we get make me want more than what we got. As the gunshots ring out, the sound mixing is incredible, the guns they use sound excellent, explosions sound terrific and the zombies sound awesome. What's even better is the gore. This movie has some of the best gore effects I've ever seen. Seeing zombies get obliterated by a hail of bullets into a red mist is awesome and seeing blood, guts, and gore spew out of the zombies is fantastic. It just sucks that the majority of the movie focuses so much on drama and such that we barely get to see any action.

This whole movie is wasted potential. Everything from the story, which on paper sounds great. I mean a heist movie set during a zombie apocalypse? That sounds awesome! However, the story just doesn't pan out as I thought it would. It's not even just the story, the genre this movie is set in just feels off. I usually don't critique stuff like this but I think this movie would have been a perfect action-comedy rather than an action-drama. All the pieces were lined up for a good action-comedy but they just never fell into place.

My patience is growing really thin with Snyder. He's not a bad director by any means, but his technique and style are growing weary with me. I'm glad he's getting back out there after filming/producing a bunch of questionable DC comic book movies and doing something new, but this movie was a failure in my eyes. It had a lot of potential but never reached that limit.

Also, before I finish I just have to say something that really pisses me off with Hollywood. LAS VEGAS ISN'T JUST THE STRIP, THERE ARE ACTUAL SUBURBS THAT PEOPLE LIVE IN! Las Vegas is my hometown, so seeing it on the big screen is great, but man do I hate when movies mischaracterize Vegas, and this movie is definitely one of the worst offenders. There are actual houses, neighborhoods, stores, malls, gas stations, movie theaters, etc. out there it isn't just Strip/desert!

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