God Bless America ★★★½

A hilarious stand-up routine about the "constant cacophony of stupidity" in US pop culture (I see how it might appear as political rant with a godless-liberal agenda, but that stuff seems perfunctory; it's much more about the debasement of the culture) which doesn't - and can't - really go anywhere. At worst, it might've gone to the (lame) conclusion that it's better for our violent fantasies to remain unfulfilled (it doesn't, fortunately), at best to the (much sharper) conclusion that our heroes petulantly bumping off anyone they find disagreeable betrays as much narcissistic sense of entitlement as the culture they claim to despise (it doesn't go there either, though it's implied in the bleak ending when hero's self-justification collapses around him) - yet in fact both those conclusions would be cop-outs, and inimical to its punk spirit. A film for those who like to sing along with "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" (which appears on the soundtrack), a ridiculous - yet great - song for the angry adolescent. Bobcat is some kind of national treasure, and he's getting better at making movies too. Though admittedly Super made this one first.