Jack & Diane

Jack & Diane ★★★½

Gray clearly has a gift for evoking intimacy, not just sexual intimacy but also the unselfconscious intimacy one associates with being young - squished together three-on-a-couch, or standing on a crowded sidewalk waiting to get into a club. His style is effortlessly sensual, and the film is full of mysterious dualities: Jack's face seems split in two by the bruise that disfigures her right cheek, Diane 'is' also her abused sister (they're twins) while Jack (who looks like a boy, and has a boy's name) 'is' also her dead brother - and of course there's the duality between girl and inner beast, a metaphor for sexual coming-of-age. Recognisably by the same hand as The Exploding Girl but less focused (and half an hour longer), and the gory horror - though a very bold choice - never feels like it had to be there.