Kékszakállú ★★★½

Echoes of L for Leisure in the early scenes, (mostly) young people caught in limbo - swimming in a pool, buttoning a shirt, couples with their throwaway intimacy ("Can you crack my back?") - reaching some sort of climax when the first excerpt of Bela Bartok's eponymous opera plays over shots of kids hunched over their phones (their concentration is epic). The theme is much more specific, though, the process of commitment - like the process of daring to dive off a diving-board - as a young person slowly learns to find herself in the world and hopefully avoid the sausage-factory version of adulthood; lots of short, glancing, visually elegant scenes, all quite beguiling. The guy beside me put his head on his girlfriend's arm, and kept it there for half the movie. It's that kind of movie.