Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

Thought I'd do a Kids These Days double bill with The Bling Ring, but I might as well have double-billed with Leviathan or something. This is a stratosphere away from Sofia Coppola's languid modishness, being a cartoon or more accurately an interlocking series of cartoons - the world of evangelical religion ("Pray super-hardcore!"), the world of hip-hop wiggas, the world of run-amuck consumerism ("Look at all my shit", obvs.) and of course the world of Spring Break, all gyrating bodies and big tits - all of which exemplify America, the governing principle being the William Blake quote about the road of excess and the palace of wisdom. Everyone's searching for nirvana, and Korine doesn't mock that, not even when Selena talks of beautiful things she's seen over a shot of squatting girls by the side of the road; there's a beauty in excessive, all-out hedonism (or at least a lack of hypocrisy) - but it's really the plastic qualities that mark this out, pink balaclavas calling to mind Irma Vep, Britney Spears (!) as a kind of sonic angel, wondrous editing (cut very fast, yet somehow loose as well), one hypnotic eye-candy shot after another. Why am I only just discovering that Benoit Debie shot so many incredible-looking movies?