The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring ★★★

As in Somewhere, Coppola observes the young and privileged in a neutral style that translates as tacit acceptance, then pulls a moralistic ending out of her ass. The surface is much fizzier here, the narrative gaps (e.g. that the boy's sexuality is never even talked about) actually count as sharp social comment, and she builds a strong case for these kids as victims/products of SoCal psychobabble-as-religion (the mom's New Age prayer; the boy opining he has "self-loathing and anxiety issues") and toxic celebrity culture (telling detail: one girl is notably nonchalant over getting a DUI - after all, Lindsay gets them all the time). Very watchable, but Coppola never seems to have a firm angle on the kids - when she shoots their antics in slo-mo, is she saying the moment is special (which is what slo-mo usually means), or being ironic? - then the final act suffers from the fact that each kid reacts differently (which I guess happened in real life too) so it just seems gratuitous to focus on Emma Watson pimping her website. In a word, frustrating.