Dune ★★★★★

Dune is beautiful, an absolutely gorgeous movie to watch. This is one of the best Sci-Fi movies I’ve seen. I don’t say that easily it’s not gentle praise, I was glued to the screen watching this. 

Dune feels authentic and grounded in its high concepts, something the book has always been known for. I’m glad they brought that to the screen. 
Just little things like hearing engines hum made me laugh because I have not heard that in a Sci-Fi in years. 
The visualization of Frank Herberts world and his cultures are not stripped down they are all presented uniquely, and in doing so, you get the sense of reality Herbert wanted. 
Denis Villeneuve, must have had passion for this book to put so much time into it

Last note: the first sand worm scene was one of the most horrifying things I’ve seen in years.

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