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  • Odd Man Out

    Odd Man Out


    Watching the first hour of Odd Man Out, it seemed like Carol Reed had made a movie almost as good as his masterpiece The Third Man but then the hobo and the painter come into the picture and occupy the screen for 30 whole minutes of pure nonsense. Their scenes have nothing to do with what came before and the main character just disappears in the background. And then the ending comes and it's certainly affecting. If only the painter's scenes were all cut, it would be a perfect movie. Wonderful black and white photography of the Belfast streets by Robert Krasker.

  • Modern Times

    Modern Times


    The great pioneer of cinema, Charlie Chaplin, created another masterpiece with this film. The little Tramp, is a factory worker caught up with the horrors of modern machines, while trying to earn a living. Modern Times is a clever satire of a system of exploitation, greed and human rights abuses. These motifs are subtly hidden under hilarious gags. Also, I want to give praise to Paulette Goddard who makes a wonderful companion to the Tramp. She embodies pure charisma. Her…

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  • Flesh and the Devil

    Flesh and the Devil


    This is the film that made Greta Garbo a star and oh my god, she's absolutely luminous. Garbo and Gilbert have sizzling chemistry. The scene at the train station when he first sees her and the cigarette lighting in the garden...I got chills. The cinematography by William H. Daniels is truly stunning. What he accomplishes with lighting and shadows is remarkable. Also, the score by Carl Davis is hauntingly beautiful. The moralistic ending was a letdown, though.

  • Speedy



    Harold Lloyd's final silent film, Speedy, offers a fascinating glimpse of New York City circa 1928. The buildings, the cars, the subway, the real people walking by. It's an amazing time capsule. And that Coney Island sequence is a pleasure to watch. I wish I could go back in time just to spend a day there. What a blast it would be to get on all those joyful and life-threatening rides. People 100 years ago had guts. The wild chase…