Driven to Dance ★★½

Okay, so...honestly? What is this?? The dancing was mediocre. The movie's less about dancing and more about the relationship between mother and daughter -- the mother having intense control issues, projecting her own flaws onto her daughter. The dialogue is next to wack, primarily being this snappy existence that would never pass as natural conversation.

I'm into indie films and love when they use indie music, but the entire soundtrack is comprised of one song used for a routine and an album of Rachelle LaNae. It was weird how she just dominated all that music. There wasn't much change to the songs, as they all sounded precisely the same until the classic instrumental pieces chimed in.

I don't know how to describe the acting. I'm not sure whether the script sucks or the actors aren't experienced, but it felt as fake as the Finding Carter drama did -- great plot and themes, but bad in many other departments.

I'm also not into self-centered mothers.