I Am Mother

I Am Mother ★★★★

An interesting take on the pros and cons of AI, I Am Mother not only illustrates a potential survival of humanity in the face of extinction -- it challenges our inner selves and how we love.

Daughter and Woman are two quite contrasting characters, whose relation provides a twist ending that isn't the twist you're probably thinking. The horrors of Daughter learning who Mother was/discovering Mother's most brutal actions is as horrifying as any psychological thriller, but is relatable in terms of learning the true colors of the person who raised you.

The emotion is real, however clouded by tension. I resonated more with Daughter's self-sacrificial morals/love than Woman's me-versus-the-world mentality.

Netflix doesn't produce many wonderful science fiction movies (looking at you, What Happened to Monday), but I Am Mother is definitely one of them! What amazes me most is that the cast is mainly comprised of three actresses, as sci-fi typically involves way more cast than even potentially necessary.

While the ending was quite satisfying, it would be pleasant to see a sequel to I Am Mother.