The Lion Woman ★★★★★

I loved this. I think, in life, all we all crave is to be loved -- to have someone love us, as we are. We want to be enough as we are, regardless of whatever flaws or oddities accompany us. We want to be seen for who we are on the inside, rather than judged by outer appearances. Yet, for those of us with differences beyond our control, the odds are stacked against us. People judge us. They even abuse us for fear of what others will think. The very fact that we exist is controversial, but abnormalities about us make us something needing to be fixed.

That's what The Lion Woman is about, to me. It's beautiful, at the same time uncomfortable. The uncomfortable scenes aren't supposed to make anyone feel comfortable. It's definitely a tearjerker, in that I cried throughout the last 20-something minutes. I knew where it was going, but it's fine all the same because watching it was worth it. The movie wraps up pleasantly, as compared to similar [oddity] movies that try to wrap everything up perfectly and fail in quality.

It was so great to the end. I loved this. You really start to feel like Eva Arctander the more you watch it. What she feels is what you feel. What she accomplishes is what you accomplish. What she wants is what you've wanted all along.

It puts you into the shoes of -- if you're not already -- someone judged by her looks and treated negatively as a result.