The Way He Looks ★★★★★

This is the best love story since MerDer. It's beautiful, innocent, endearing and lovely.

I've watched this movie so many times now; it's cute -- I needed something to wash Vaxxed from my brain, or at least decrease the hurt.

Love is scary; it's also blind—literally. It's pure. Whilst Leo is blind, and being blind is different from being autistic, I really related to Leo. I love things which challenge the general communication expectations: Leo is blind, so he has a different way of communicating with people around him. He's accepted it and, whilst oftentimes frustrated, is OK with it. He just wants people around him to stop treating him like he's SO different JUST because he's blind. A lot of the struggles he faced felt similar to those I have as an autistic person.

The pacing in this film was so lovely; nothing is rushed—nothing! I was started to think that, perhaps, the rushing in any movie was to be expected and that I should just accept it already, but this was amazing. I didn't feel like I was being cheated of a better ending. I also enjoyed how there wasn't always music being played, in that there was a lot of natural noise.