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  • Harvey



    James Stewart gives his aw-shucksiest performance in a career full of them in Harvey, the heartwarming story of an alcoholic whose self-destruction is justified by his belief in a six foot tall bunny rabbit who gets him out of all kinds of trouble whilst his family attempts to electrocute him into submissiveness. There's a lot to unpack, and I'm still not sure what Harvey is. Stewart is as gregarious and charming as ever, but we never get to dive deep…

  • Marty



    Existential depression by way of screwball comedy. One of the most human movies I've ever seen. Romance as it is, or at least as it were. The character of Marty is everyman to the umpteenth degree, and Ernest Borgnine plays the shit out of him. For such a short, seemingly simple movie, there's a lot going on psychologically and socially--the guilt and shame Marty and Clara feel, the morals of being a Mama's Boy and a bosom buddy, the threat…

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  • Dunkirk



    I've never heard guns sound quite like this.

    Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk is not quite a conventional movie. It's an experience to behold. Nolan is not concerned with your enjoyment, or whether you can latch onto any one character. He isn't concerned with protagonists and antagonists and high drama. He simply wants to immerse you in this chaotic world, and he by and large succeeds.

    From the moment it began, I was invested in the world of Dunkirk. War movies run…

  • Justice League

    Justice League


    It's sometimes borderline incomprehensible, it's got a shoddy excuse for a villain, the MacGuffin boxes are frustratingly simplistic, and I don't dig on all the characters, but dammit if Justice League isn't a good time. There are portions of this movie that feel plucked out of the most exhilarating experiences reading a comic book or playing a video game, when all the powers you've been discovering suddenly come to fruition and some wonderful, fantastical action set piece happens. I was…