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  • American Psycho
  • Theorem
  • The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
  • Rope

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  • Oddball


  • Singin


  • Le Bonheur


  • The Worst Person in the World


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  • Quitters



    for me, intent when making a film matters. i don’t have the director’s intent so i can only interpret it as i see it. this film is a mess. the way it’s shot and edited makes it fall flat, as if the writing needed any help with that. the music, while beautiful, is completely misplaced. and every single character is unlikable and unsympathetic, which is fine, if you can justify that by making it watchable, which this is not. the…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    once again asking what would have happened if bruce was reallv bad at riddles. like i feel riddler's plan was too dependent on bruce's riddling abilities
    that being said "if you are justice please do not lie what is the price for your blind eye" is one of the hardest lines i've ever heard. paul dano riddler top 10 freaks of all time to me

Popular reviews

  • Eraserhead



    i want to put the eraserhead baby in the middle of the road and use it as a speed bump. i want to soak it in milk and smash it against the wall. Soggy Milk Baby. i fucking hate this ugly ass little airpod shaped alien freak baby.

  • Luca



    the next person to compare this sweet little disney film to cmbyn is gonna have their fingers removed by me .