The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

I love animated movies. This is what I imagine people who hate them feel like every animated movie is: just constant screaming, flat plotting, and weak jokes. The voice acting (of actors I usually like) is hyped up to 11, which becomes grating after a few minutes. The plot itself is obvious and unsurprising with no plot moments that have any weighty stakes.

Now combine that with a near constant stream of paint-by-numbers faux sentimentality, vague corporate-approved gestures at representation, and an interminably long runtime? It’s all the makings of just a truly frustrating film. 

Oh and special mention to yet another creator following the “Alex Hirsch School of Casting Themselves in a Role So They Can Artificially Boost Their Pay Day”. Unfortunately Michael Rianda is not a quarter of the actor that Hirsch is and his deep adult voice in a child’s body is unsettling and irritating in equal measure. Stop doing this creators. Cast actual actors. 

Positives? Ummm… Olivia Colman is great as always. And the dog is occasionally funny. The star is for them. They are better than this. 

Watch If: you want to see the movie equivalent of a bad acid trip combined with a cheap tequila hangover.

Discussion Question: Did anyone else find Katie Mitchell’s film nerdiness aggressively frustrating? For some reason, it worked even less for me than Greg Gaines in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

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