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  • Aquaman



    I had low expectations going into this and I was still disappointed by it. I might as well get the few positives out of the way first. 
    -I really appreciate the use of long takes in the fight sequences although the 360 camera spin got a bit repetitive.
    -The Visuals for the most part were surprisingly good and there was lots of attention to detail.
    -The score was pretty solid but it was implemented poorly at times.
    -The costumes for…

  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

    Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters


    I like the concept of this film. It’s unique but the actual plot feels rather generic.
    There’s some really wooden acting from Jeremy Renner and the script is not too good.
    I really like the costume and set design. I’m glad the witches weren’t just generic pieces of cgi. 
    The action in this film gets really old real fast. When Hansel and Gretel are shooting the witches (never thought I’d have to say that in a sentence) it’s alright but…