V/H/S ★★★½

On my Watch list for a while now and it did not dissappoint. First off, it was pretty scary. I'm not really into scary movies in general, so when I do see them I hope to be scared. Im not totally familar with the Horror Anthology model that apparently was pretty popular in the 80s, but it seems like a cool idea if you can string the films together in a way that makes sense. It works well here I think. And I'll be interested to see if we get any more of these. The found footage genre concept has been done many times since The Blair Witch Project, though I haven't seen many of them so it still feels reasonably fresh to me. It helps the believability of the anthology so that we don't require a creepy monster talking to the screen and introducing each film. All that said. This film worked and worked well. Some of the stories were better than others for me. But all were interesting and very different in their own ways. A lot of fun.