Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★½

Not gonna lie, this one left me a bit perplexed. The trailers make it out to be another Statham revenge vehicle but it's actually a mix between that, a heist film, and even a dark comedy at times. On paper, this sounds like an absolute blast, but it's executed in a convoluted and sometimes tonally inconsistent manner. Ritchie attempts to implement his signature non-linear structure here but whereas in past films when it was used effectively, this one not only makes the plot a little messy but it mostly undercuts the main emotional hook of the story, which is Jason Staham's revenge arc. This results in a third act that consists of character reveals and a payoff in the end that both felt pretty hollow. Statham does deliver a really solid performance and there's some decent action here, including a climactic shootout. The film also starts off on a solid note and I appreciated Guy Ritchie for doing something much darker than his previous works, but the more the film goes along, the less I was vibing with the structure, story, and characters and by the end, I was left with a pretty big shrug.