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  • Brideshead Revisited

    Brideshead Revisited

    watched episodes 1-6. will come back tomorrow.

    no thoughts head empty

    EDIT (12/20): i finished it.

    it was a bit slow at times for me, but overall I thought it was good. the performances were great, especially Diana Quick as Julia. her monologue in episode 10 (I think) stuck out to me.

    I was surprised that Charles and Sebastian's relationship wasn't the focus of the series and it was more about Charles' relationship with the Flytes as a whole.

    Jeremy irons is hot and he made me sad

  • Batman Forever

    Batman Forever


    Las Culturistas Top 200 Moments in Culture History No. 53: Dr. Chase Meridian 

    had to rewatch this because i wanted to rate it but i don't think i had watched it in 10 years and i didn't remember anything! i remember loving this movie as a kid, but then completely hating it as an angsty teen. 

    it's really not that good, but it's also not terrible. i think this film deserves more credit for the impact that nicole kidman and chris o'donnell have had on an entire generation of gay men. 

    also: say what you want about nicole, but you know she always understands the assignment.

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