Zubaan ★★★★★

Piece of art. This is something that you will cherish all your life. I liked how the movie gives us a message that too in a subtle and not too boring sort of way.

Vicky Kaushal, amazing. Great acting. This actor is here to stay and in what style. The nuances of a Punjabi guy are perfectly nailed by him. He truly is the master in blending in.

Manish Choudhary (the father) plays the rich dad to perfection. He has yet again proved that he's there for a reason. His character is really very well written.

Raghav Chanana (The son) was also good at his part, playing the jealous and confused son with a hint of brat.

Meghna Malik (the wife) has also made her role memorable.

Beautiful direction. Awesome. All the scenes of the movie are shot beautifully. I'm looking forward to some more movies of this director.

The screenplay was awesome and the main ingredient of the movie. The pace with which the movie has moved keeps you at your seat and never let's you take your eyes off the screen.

Music is awesome. The lyrics might be not according to my taste but people are going to love the music. The last number, "Ki aaj sanu" was amazing both lyrics and music wise.

In all, the Indian cinema needs more movies like that. Kudos to Mozez Singh. Well done.