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  • Oslo, August 31st
  • City Lights
  • Five Easy Pieces
  • A Hidden Life

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  • Radiohead: In Rainbows – From the Basement

  • The Batman


  • The Godfather


  • Uncharted

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  • Sicario



    Villeneuve's Sicario has all the makings of a traditional blockbuster. An established, star-studded cast playing in a world of covert operations and tactical gear. Where it differs is the unique perspective with which the story unfolds, Kate isn't a typical action protagonist as much as she is a surrogate for our blind eyes, guiding us through the harsh realities we willingly overlook at times. ⁣

    "Nothing will make sense to your American ears, and you will doubt everything that…

  • Miller's Crossing

    Miller's Crossing


    The Coens really can't do no wrong, can they?⁣

    A true love letter to the iconic noir films, filled with the expected suave suit at the center of it all, battling between loyalty and love for the femme fatale. Where the Coens differ and derive something truly unique from the long passed genre is the subtle irony at the core of this film. From a career criminal that speaks of ethics to the ridiculously over the top shoot-outs breaking any…

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  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza

    i have finally found a reason to live until 2022

  • Oslo, August 31st

    Oslo, August 31st


    Does it ever get easier?
    Does the world get kinder?
    Will it ever be worth it?

    Clutching at glimpses
    of a more fulfilling future
    that grows distant with
    each breath and fleeting
    thought of self.

    Feel so connected yet far.
    Lost in the vastness of it all.

    It all overwhelms, then decays
    into insignificance.

    An endless struggle.