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  • Pierrot le Fou

    Pierrot le Fou


    First of, a shoutout to the awesome Lara & Maya (both of whom are worth following as they have some of the best reviews on LB) for finally motivating me to get my first Godard film off the shelf and hopefully that's some compensation for the disappointment I'm going to lay down now :| sorry guys.

    Godard is one of the few directors who's style you're familiar with before you even view his works, perhaps that was just my experience but…

  • Graduation



    "But if you do something earnestly with all your heart, you needn't doubt yourself"

    Much like Mungui's sophomore effort 4M, 3W & 2D, his latest feature follows the outskirts of morality and laws in a tired, stagnant Romania.

    While not as harrowing or harsh as the aforementioned masterpiece, the heightened realism of Graduation helps expose the deeply woven corruption of a nation left in the dust. One where even the hands free from sin given enough time, become tainted victims to…

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  • Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project

    Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project

    i have finally found a reason to live until 2022

  • A Hidden Life

    A Hidden Life


    My church bell rang through our valley and into the heavens. Yet god returned with the hiss of trains & the roar of planes. Why must I bear this cross? In this constant conflict of soul and mind, where the real war lies. To be away from your loving hands is a fate worse than death, because at least then we'd meet...even if it may be on the edge of eternity.

    Remember me as I was. Recall our love. Recite my…