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  • Stoker



    This film has some breathtakingly stunning transitions, sensuous sound, and a compelling plot, even if some of its psychological suspense ultimately relies on cliches.

  • Dredd



    Some really nice special effects, but I found it a bit boring.

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  • Gangster Squad

    Gangster Squad


    An attempt to be stylized with the dialogue results in the screenplay feeling wildly overwritten - either too many turns of phrase or too many on-the-nose statements ("Here's where we're going to run dope and whores!"). Generally, the film is not particularly stylish or special, much as it tries to be. As usual, a great, understated performance by Gosling and a refreshing character for Eric Patrick. Sean Penn gives it his best, but the dialogue doesn't give him enough to work with. Some exciting action and use of slow-motion. But not enough of a story (or moral) to sink one's teeth into.

  • Zero Dark Thirty

    Zero Dark Thirty

    A rather dispassionate account of the hunt for bin Laden. Certainly, as promised, the film is journalistic in style, but it was to the point that I found myself little transformed or emotionally engaged at the end. More than anything, it's an interesting portrait of the CIA and its personality as an organization.

    I have to take issue with those that have suggested that the film justifies torture as a means to finding bin Laden; although it does portray torture…