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  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes


    It is much more disheartening to have to steal than to be stolen from.

    I typically shy away from the term “masterpiece”. Perhaps that is because I conflate it with perfection rather than the mere work of a master. That perfection should be obvious to everyone and be separate from nostalgia and historical context–unless context is a conscious ingredient–and thus applies to very few films. In film, being a collaborative medium with so many people at work that go unseen…

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  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

    The Man from U.N.C.L.E.


    I thought it might have been the tepid audience, but no, this film is as inert as it seemed.

  • Town on Trial

    Town on Trial


    A little more American in its brashness than a typical British detective film. Love to see John Mills.

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  • Se7en



    The movie looks absolutely amazing. I'll have to go look at original reviews to see, but the expectation that goes along with David Fincher certainly adds to the experience. But I do have one question. Doesn't Det. Mills have an iron he could use? Those shirts are ridiculously wrinkled.

  • Andrei Rublev

    Andrei Rublev


    Thus far, I have seen four Tarkovsky films and it is clear that I began with the absolute worst possible point, Stalker. Had I taken his filmography in chronological order, I would have been far more enriched by the experience. Ivan's Childhood is unexceptionally great in the acclaimed subgenre of children in wartime. Andrei Rublev is remarkable in three or four excellent tracking shots that are accomplished but not gaudy while also not boring me to tears over three hours.…