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  • Hornblower: The Frogs and the Lobsters

    Hornblower: The Frogs and the Lobsters


    The usual enjoyable shenanigans. Hornblower is pathologically upright and noble, Pellew is paternal, the men have moments of human weakness but are inspired by Hornblower. This time around Pellew is ferrying reactionary Royalist forces into France and Hornblower is assigned to lead the ship's men who are supplying cannon and powder to hold or destroy a bridge. The French officer is a tyrant of a nobleman who returns in a murderous rage at what has changed in his absence and Hornblower must strive to hold his tongue and save his men when it all goes south.

  • Arrival



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Well directed, intelligent sci-fi that depicts a first contact scenario through a linguist brought in to communicate with one of 12 mysterious objects that land across the Earth. The set up recalled Village of the Damned's amazing set up and there were echos of other Sci-Fi properties like Slaughter House Five and Solaris that helped my friend and I guess the major twists in the story, though, to be fair, those twist itself is not pivotal to your enjoyment or…

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  • Snowpiercer



    Very well made, fun piece of sci-fi with just enough of a message about class to make it qualify as actual sci-fi rather than just an action movie set in the future. The eclectic cast (all on the money) ads to the charm and helps smooth over some occasionally dodgy effects. Wish more "blockbuster spectaculars" had this much personality and effort behind them. Chris Evans continues to show that he really needs to be in more good roles than just playing Captain America.

  • The Getaway

    The Getaway


    Just my second time watching this, this time on the big screen (though it was "digital" not a print, so not as good as it should have been). The Peckinpah action scenes are amazing in that setting, and the score by Quincy Jones is quite good, and a little out of the ordinary for both the director and genre. A great cast of character actors is backing McQueen and McGraw, but it's McGraw (and her poorly written character-I blame Walter…