Deadly Dreams

Deadly Dreams ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Someone in Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures thought it would be a good idea if just one more "gaslight the person with PTSD" movie was made, this time with some of that William Castle Night Walker thrown in to try and cash in a little on the runaway success of Nightmare on Elm Street, and then they topped it all off with a little bit of rock stupid Diabolique. The resulting film is disjointed but has some great nightmare sequences and the set-up given to the lead's trauma is fantastic and could probably have been made into one hell of a thriller/horror film on its own if handled right. The killer's simple "hunter" outfit with wolf skin mask is very effective and the gas lighting doesn't get too over the top until past the midway point. There's an interesting homoerotic thread running through this in that the relationship between the lead and his friend, and some very silly character names that will make sense when you get to the end, or perhaps a little before. It's not strictly good, but an interesting (if a little too slow) watch that plays like a gorier version of some of the made-for-TV thrillers of the same era.