Home Sweet Home ★★

I saw this about ten years ago and managed to filter out everything but the most amusing moments. As a horror movie, this is not effective, but as a comedy there are some genuinely hilarious things, including a character in mime makeup that runs around with an amp on his back playing guitar randomly, Jake "Body by Jake"/"Jake's Kids" Steinfeld's over the top performance as the musclebound PCP using killer, and some choice cuts of dialogue. Unfortunately those amusing moments are sprinkled in an incredibly murky film who manages to dispense with its most amusing characters early so it can focus on two bland blond yuppies and their landlord's little girl. It's as shame, because a movie about a PCP-ed, muscle bound freak fighting a magic trick performing, KISS knock-off mime would have been way more fun. Slasher completists and fans of the absurd will get a few laughs out of this one but everyone else should skip it.