The Man from Snowy River ★★★½

This beautiful horse opera features some amazing riding work and the mountains and the range below (and the horses contained in both) are just as much characters as the leads (and Kirk Douglas's scene stealing dual roles as an old coot of a miner and a hard ass of a cattle baron). The stunt work and use of scenery is so good you might make the mistake that I just made, and assume that the director, George Miller, is the same George Miller who made Mad Max. But you'd be wrong! Austraila has just played a trick on you! They're different guys!

Nevertheless, this is a fun watch. The characters and story is full of archetypes-the quiet but good man who has to prove himself, the rich man's willful daughter, the overbearing hard ass ranch owner who carved himself an empire, the old coot miner-but they fit in perfectly to the kind of Western drama/adventure this is and it's apparently adapted from a poem so I'm willing to cut the screenwriters some slack. Come for the beautiful locations, horses and riding, meet the drama on its own terms and you'll have a grand old time with this one.