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  • Sleepless in Seattle

    Sleepless in Seattle


    On the one hand, I'm glad that a film that's kind of become shorthand for syrupy cinematic sentimentality proves a lot less cloying than I'd have originally expected. On the other, it's still very much that kind of movie and I do think there's only so much I can get out of it.

  • The Big Chill

    The Big Chill


    "All I'm saying is that, if I ever start referring to these as the best times of my life, remind me to kill myself. - Pink, Dazed and Confused

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  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    It seems fitting that I first thought this was inferior to Sunrise but as I get closer to being the same age as Jesse and Celine are in this one I start to appreciate it a bit more and see it as being virtually equal for managing to mix up the established capacity for extended dialogue about whatever subjects come to mind but also in examining a belated aftermath to the original's whirlwind romance, adding an appreciable layer of maturity…

  • Midsommar



    My main takeaway from both this and Hereditary is that Ari Aster really wants to join a cult but he keeps getting rejected just like George Costanza and the vacuum cleaners.