There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood ★★½

Alot of grit and high emotions in a very LONG movie about boring oil mining 

The start is such a drag with all the images of mining that went on for like 20 minutes with no talking at all

The themes of religion and it's obsessive nature and the paralells between religion and business were interesting to watch unfold and it definetely allowed for some great performances but the story itself never amounts to anything special. Men get mad about conflict of interest and money but does anyone watching this genuinely care about oil that much?

I hated basically all of the soundtrack some parts just didn't shut up, the screetching violins when he's descending into madness or whatever is so over-done at this point and never really does anything for me but give me a headache

Overall, pretty boring mostly, alot of great performances though and some interesting scenes between him and his son and him and Eli. Some pretty shots too but alot of scenes overstayed their welcome and ran for way too long. And the ending was... alot... and well there was blood! 

I give it a lower-than-a-bastard 2.5/5

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