Wrong Turn 2: Dead End ★★★★★

Wrong Turn 2 was one of my first horror films when I was 12 years old or something and it genuinely terrified me while watching it and that I had to sleep a few nights with light on. So, I finally gave it a second viewing after a few years. It's still an entertaining, brilliant, terrifying and gory movie. The opening scene is still damn good and it got the best kill in Wrong Turn series, no doubt. I honestly loved all cannibals in it, they were actually very entertaining characters and wearing awesome makeups which were better than from the original. I also loved the characters as well, I was glad some of the characters ended up being survivals. It has awful CGI, but I couldn't less care because it made this movie memorable. The last 20 minutes was so fun to watch. It's no better than the original while that one is a classic, but I just love it so much.