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  • Golden Exits

    Golden Exits


    the lives of every self-obsessed nebbish, emotionally neglected spouse, and vendetta-carrying sibling who can afford to live in Carroll Gardens shouldn’t be a movie. Perry’s first misstep after heavy character studies seems to stem from trying to study eight of them at once. I kept imagining him looking at a chain necklace with a knot in it and thinking “yes! this is my next movie!” some great Sean Price Williams cinematography of people wasting what looks like a gorgeous springtime…

  • Sudden Fury

    Sudden Fury


    Tough downer of a thriller set in the Ontario countryside, which effectively serves as a two-room trap with no way out (even though, technically, every way is out). Ugly characterizations and you wish the acting was better at the outset but everything picks up to a decent head of steam by the end. Watched a gritty VHS rip with hardcoded Greek subs and a menacing Viacom logo at the end; might go after the Vinegar Syndrome version for a better look.

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  • Suspiria



    35mm original Italian print at the Music Box. Decent translation in subtitles, which were being live projected from a PowerPoint deck from the booth — they missed a few cues but mostly did OK, and really revealed how wrong the English dubbing was for this one. The sound was greatly improved tonight as well, probably because I didn’t sit in the back, and it wasn’t some deafening modern surround sound experience. Really made me appreciate the film and its use…

  • Messiah of Evil

    Messiah of Evil


    RIP Gloria Katz