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  • Bliss



    Looks good on no budget, trippy, flashy, great disorienting score by the homie Steve Moore (this one utilizes the bass and not just synths), but you know what also doesn’t cost anything is a script that provides motivation to its listless characters.

    This is a movie that requires the positioning of a fake street drug to move the story along but then slaps on definition, and an 11th hour adherence, to the rules of vampirism, and I think about Larry…

  • Dolemite Is My Name

    Dolemite Is My Name


    Looked good, solid performances (Wesley Snipes!), just the right tone as well. It’s a movie I’ve seen before but it’s remarkable to see Eddie not taking his fame/body of work for granted and getting back to it (and on a subject we can easily tell was a big influence on him early on). With Cosby out of the lane he has a real shot at taking that audience.

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  • Suspiria



    35mm original Italian print at the Music Box. Decent translation in subtitles, which were being live projected from a PowerPoint deck from the booth — they missed a few cues but mostly did OK, and really revealed how wrong the English dubbing was for this one. The sound was greatly improved tonight as well, probably because I didn’t sit in the back, and it wasn’t some deafening modern surround sound experience. Really made me appreciate the film and its use…

  • Symptoms



    May go higher upon rewatch, as this is the kind of movie which makes me feel like there are some overlooked details that might open it up more. Deviation is now looking like a dry run for this stunner, achieving everything that earlier film sets out for in terms of portraying madness and mystery, only with the exploitation angle played way down. Larraz figured out how to pull the viewer inward this time without resorting to orgy scenes or dope…