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  • Blockers



    Needed (and got) a cute little comedy to brighten my outlook on this horrid world and my recent slip-and-fall at a local supermarket. Definitely feels like B-team all around (except for the kids; also June Diane Raphael really shoulda swapped roles with Leslie Mann), which allows for some surprising and honest moments about adults being judgmental and less amenable to friendships. Meanwhile, John Cena ejaculates butt-chugged malt liquor into Ike Barinholtz’s mouth. A couple good sight gags and jokes that stuck made it. Delicate balance here; it wasn’t really Superbad for young women.

  • Paper Man

    Paper Man


    Creepy, paranoid early technophobe potboiler about four college kids who get a credit card based on computer error, then enlist socially withdrawn proto-hacker Dean Stockwell to create actual records of the fictitious person on a mainframe so that they can keep on griftin’. One by one the kids are killed off, and Stockwell’s too close to the punch cards, so to speak. Ingenious in how obvious the plot twist is, and how much techno-jargon and reliance on the conventions of…

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  • Suspiria



    35mm original Italian print at the Music Box. Decent translation in subtitles, which were being live projected from a PowerPoint deck from the booth — they missed a few cues but mostly did OK, and really revealed how wrong the English dubbing was for this one. The sound was greatly improved tonight as well, probably because I didn’t sit in the back, and it wasn’t some deafening modern surround sound experience. Really made me appreciate the film and its use…

  • Mausoleum



    Tawdry, nonsensical mess about a young girl torn away from her mother’s funeral who runs into the titular mausoleum, gets possessed, then later in life exhibits symptoms in line with said possession. Who knows/cares what happened to her in the intervening years, because now she’s a rich, lonely housewife, waiting for neglectful husband Marjoe Gortner and his lil electric car to get those contracts signed, and a vacation that’ll never come, when she remembers how to be possessed once again,…