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  • Bumblebee



    I was lucky enough to catch a preview screening of this movie, even though I loathe the previous 5 movies passionately I had hope for this one because of Travis Knight directing instead of Michael Bay. And lo and behold, it's indeed pretty good! Nothing groundbreaking or anything, but a solid little flick that feels like a Transformers riff on the Iron Giant, with some splashes of Superman, Terminator 2, and original recipe Star Wars. The opening's a fun bit…

  • Widows



    This movie was right near the top of my most anticipated of the year, because Steve McQueen is the gosh darn man, Gillian Flynn can write excellently twisty narratives, and the cast was astonishingly stacked. Happy to report that it delivered on all fronts, and is in the running for my favorite film of this year with Suspiria, The Rider, and Burning. Where to begin? Everything about this movie is jaw-droppingly excellent: it's exciting, it's gripping, it's surprising, it's heart-wrenching,…

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  • Rampage



    I was a little disappointed by this movie, but I still generally had a fun time with it. First off, this movie is incredibly dumb; almost goes without saying but I really need to make that clear. Most of that dumbness was extremely funny to me though, especially because it's also batshit crazy: there's a close tie between Jeffrey Dean Morgan's bizarre cowboy indeterminate federal agent swagger and Malin Akerman's dastardly Saturday morning cartoon villain one-liners for what made me…

  • Moon



    I realize this came before, but it feels like a stellar Black Mirror episode. Very neat little sci-fi movie, and plays on audience perception very well, especially in the first half. Sam Rockwell absolutely kills it in this movie (glad he finally got an Oscar this year), he literally makes the entire movie through his performance. It feels hard to review this movie without any spoilers, as the way the story unveils itself feels integral to the experience. I guess I'll just say it's absolutely worth a watch if you enjoy science fiction, it's a great time and gets very emotional.