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  • Pacific Rim

    Pacific Rim


    I still absolutely love this movie. It knows exactly what kind of movie it is, and commits whole-heartedly to it. Over-the-top in all sorts of fun ways, big smashy robot/monster action you can actually follow and understand, and characters who certainly aren't deep in any way buy at least all sympathetic and developed enough for this type of blockbuster. Charlie Hunnam I like okay despite some awkward line reads, but I absolutely love Idris Elba's Pentecost, and Rinko Kukichi is…

  • Bright



    I feel like Netflix has a trend lately of vaguely watchable genre films that completely fall to pieces under mild scrutiny. I wanted to like this movie, because I think the basic premise is at least intriguing. And there were a couple things I liked: Will Smith and Joel Edgerton have a fun chemistry, and the Jacoby character in general was pretty sympathetic and compelling. Everything else was a big ol' mess though. It made a lot of sense learning…

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  • Moon



    I realize this came before, but it feels like a stellar Black Mirror episode. Very neat little sci-fi movie, and plays on audience perception very well, especially in the first half. Sam Rockwell absolutely kills it in this movie (glad he finally got an Oscar this year), he literally makes the entire movie through his performance. It feels hard to review this movie without any spoilers, as the way the story unveils itself feels integral to the experience. I guess I'll just say it's absolutely worth a watch if you enjoy science fiction, it's a great time and gets very emotional.

  • The Gift

    The Gift


    This was a darn good thriller, really impressive for Joel Edgerton's directorial debut. What starts out seeming like a straightforward stalker thriller layers in some great twists and turns that keeps the audience questioning where the story's heading and which characters to trust. All three leads give great performances, I didn't know Jason Bateman had this sort of dramatic skill. I also always love seeing Rebecca Hall, and Joel Edgerton's just as disturbing in front of the camera as behind. It was willing to get darker than I expected too, which I always appreciate.