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  • Tenet



    Tenet is the worst Nolan film
    and don’t try to convince me that
    it all makes sense in the end
    Because, when you take a closer look
    The film is built on crazy ideas.
    Even if
    Some scenes really shine
    The plot and characters don’t hold together.
    And it’s not true that
    Nolan knows how to write emotions
    The characters can be believable
    Only if there was heart in the script
    It’s not true that this movie is good…

  • First Man

    First Man


    Landing on the moon was firmly fixed as a historical event mentioned in a textbook by the time I came around. Marked as an achievement for the U.S. and humanity I could appreciate it telescopically. Often it was presented as a bullet point of the time it belonged to: the Vietnam war, the civil rights movement, landing on the moon etc. all globbed together to help shape what the 60's were.

    This film gives it the focus it deserves. There…

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  • Booksmart



    I found this "funny enough" but not really a top tier comedy. It moreso excels at the relationship between Molly and Amy, the full-circle storytelling of the supporting characters, and the stellar direction from Olivia Wilde.

    The pool scene is an incredible at being a climax for the story, a revelation for Amy, and also cathartic for the viewer. Quite a feat for a filmmaker!

    It's a feel good and there will never be enough of those in the world.

    Hear more on 70mm.

  • Paths of Glory

    Paths of Glory


    5 bang feels good in a place like this

    Kirk Douglas in a uniform mamma mia pizzeria!

    Further evidence that Kubrick is a time traveler.

    The scar on the generals face was a nice touch.

    Old white guys killing kids to save face, does it get any more human?

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  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Why has Disney settled on having terrible writing, direction, and production for a Star Wars series? Is there no one in charge that can tell this is awful? Do they not care?

    My proto-sense is telling me that it's a business decision. Data analysts ran the numbers and found the bare minimum they would need to do to make the right percentage of fans happy with this dreck. And that's infuriating because Star Wars is deeply loved by many, not…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    John Carpenter, The Master. Honestly how can you not call him a master after watching this? The practical effects...it's my favorite effects of any movie, right? The corpse on the table with the faces is unreal. Carpenter focuses on it multiple times because it's just. that. good. I was screaming "Oh!" like the doctor conducting the autopsy.

    Perfect pacing as it starts slow and steady and grows exponentially as hell breaks loose. Even knowing all the story beats it is…