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  • Death to 2020

    Death to 2020


    Pretty boring, a whole lot of American and English in-jokes, (lame ones at that). Not really representative of the world, the filmmakers only used samples from a small segment of the English speaking media. They've used aging hack talentless celebrities, to represent some of the celebrities from the period. Quite a waste of time.

  • Break Even

    Break Even


    Bloody awful, really bad acting, pathetic cinematography and lighting, stupid concept, and even stupider story. Everything about this movie stinks

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  • Looper



    It's as good as you'll get this year, fun to watch, enjoyable in some parts, the time travel thing works on a lot of levels. Don't think about it too much it will fuck with your head, remember it's fiction, theories CAN have holes. It's got that same narrative style that original Blade Runner has.

  • Interstellar



    The problem with this picture is when Americans think about they're apocalyptic future it's never believable. The power of any sci-fi picture is that at some point you believe, even if it's just for a moment, there is no point in Interstellar that this happens. This movie is just another family first, christian morality played out on a green screen. If it wasn't for the intoxicants and the special effects I would have walked out! Nolan has lost what little he ever had.