Hey Ram

Hey Ram ★★★★½

Hey Ram's masterful switching between black and white and color makes you think. Black and white is what one typically associates with the past- with what has been completed, with what has become outmoded, with what has become history. The fact that Saketh Ram's life after Gandhi's assassination is in color and in black white before his assassination hammers home how lingering, obstinate, and very much a part of present day, communalism is. The change in Saketh Ram's room during the ending reinforces this, with Saketh Ram Jr. and Tushar Gandhi, two generations worth of Indian development, now engulfed in color and surrounded by the memories of Saketh Ram's life, still chained to India's unfortunate, never-ending tryst with religious division- its colorful, vibrant quagmire of diversity.

So, do we still live in color?

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