Ain't Them Bodies Saints

Ain't Them Bodies Saints ★★★★★

It's easy to get blinded by the sun. It's even easier to get lost in it. When you're stuck in the shade for an indefinite amount of time, though, you long and struggle and remiss.

Ain't Them Bodies Saints tells the tale of Ruth and Bob. Lovers separated by the lay of the law. Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck delicately portray the couple with complete immersion into that love that's suppose to last forever.

Ruth is a scared and tired soul.

Bob is determined to return to her.

It all plays out with precision pace and an elevated beauty. The darks are dark and the sun screams across the screen, but never in a way that would overshadow the emotional torrent.

And that wave surly comes. I sat through this whole film having just about the same thoughts on it as I did on 'Mud.' It's incredibly acted and beautiful and the storytelling is spectacular, but there's just that one little aspect missing. That one intangible that forces you to give the movie pause after the credits begin.

This has that. The last fifteen minutes throw the entire emotional tide upon your shoulders in a definitive manner.

I won't go through everything in the film but I'll just say all the supporters are fantastic. Especially Daniel Hart, composer of all original music in 'Saints.' It's a fiercely memorable score that I'll surly keep an ear out for.

Many have said this film reminds them of Badlands. Instead, I think it and its creator, David Lowery, have stamped out their own places in the cinematic pantheon.

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