Possessor ★★½

Baby 'berg advances the family brand with this tech-dread Being Christopher Abbott. Riseborough takes Chris' bod for a spin so she can pick off an end-of-level boss to power-up post-moral corporate arcadia, except no-one stopped to consider that identities of all utilized parties get left on hi-spin, with the bonus implication that killing without consequence nurtures bloodlust. Silly corporations.

All very anxious and mumbly, kinda dribbles round the court without ever shooting a hoop and just gets stuck somewhere round the outer rim of the k-hole. Nowhere near as bareback and aggravated as Antiviral. Seems to have reined things in a bit. Looks like stepping out of the dad-shadow might be tougher than it seemed. I liked Andrea 'checking out the goods' when she first becomes Chris, and the commingled blood rorschach butterfly was a nice touch, but overall a whole lotta not very much.

Not bad, just inessential.

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